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TABC Certified Training School

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programs are used by owners of alcoholic beverage establishments to familiarize their employees with laws concerning intoxicated persons and sales to minors. Section 106.14 of the Alcoholic Beverage Code mandates that the Commission establish minimum requirements for approved seller training programs. Seller training programs are classes sponsored by colleges or by private companies. Individuals who successfully complete a program receive a certificate at the end of class showing the individual successfully completed the course.


The classes are required to cover the laws concerning the sale or service of alcoholic beverages to minors and intoxicated customers, as well as techniques to prevent such sales. If the employees of a licensee or permittee are all certified and are not encouraged by their employer to violate alcoholic beverage laws, the Commission might not take action against the licensee or permittee for an alcoholic beverage offense committed by an employee.



Benefits of Training

By participating in seller training, licensees and their employees can:


Better understand the concepts of selling

and serving alcohol responsibly  



Learn ways to quickly detect signs of

impairment and intoxication          



Increase their role in reducing alcohol 

related traffic tragedies



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