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Minor in Possession


The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, Section 106.02, 106.025, 106.06, and the 1993-94 Texas Traffic Laws, pp. 439-440, regulate the behavior of a minor in relation to alcohol.

The 1991 and 1993 Texas Legislature added to section to the TABC Code (106.115) permitting a court to require attendance in an alcohol awareness course in addition to the fine for first offenders.

With the general return to a higher drinking age, increased arrests for the illegal use of alcohol by minors have been evident. In most cases the only sanctions available has been a fine and often a minimal one at that.

An additional avenue for dealing with the illegal use of alcohol by young people is the inclusion of an educational approach for such persons.

Even with an increased emphasis on problems associated with alcohol use.

Most young people still know only two basic things about alcohol: where to purchase it and how to drink it.

This curriculum is designed to present accurate and straightforward information about specific topics which relate to alcohol use by young people.

It has the potential, when properly coupled with the appropriate legal sanctions, to enable young people to make sound decisions about the use of alcohol both at this stage of their lives and as adults. 


About the Minor In Possession (MIP) Program:

The MIP program (or Alcohol Awareness as it is sometimes referred) is the state-mandated class for minors who have been found in possession of illegal substances and have received a MIP, MIC, DUI,  PI citations, and etc. The course can also be taken by minors who would like to learn more about alcohol awareness. The course is 6 hours long and is conducted over two days.  Students must attend ALL classes before receiving a Certificate of Completion.

Registration Information:

Students MUST  pre-register for the class 1 hour prior to the start of class. If a student is under the age of 16, a parent/guardian is required to sign necessary forms.


The cost is $50.00 and may be paid in cash, money order, or check. Students NEED to bring their ticket or judge's letter with them to the pre-registration appointment. Must also bring Drivers License, or Texas I.D., or School I.D. along with their  Social Security card.

Individual exit interviews, which will be scheduled by the course instructor, will be scheduled with each participant. The student will receive the Certificate of Completion for the class at the exit interview. No Certificate of Completion will be given to a student prior to the exit interview. It is the student's responsibility to appear before the judge with their Certificate of Completion