Advanced Driving School

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                  Reasons to take a course                              

                 A. Save Money  

                 B. Traffic Ticket Dismissal (once a year)

                 C. Auto insurance discount (three years)

Insurance Savings

Want to save money on your automobile insurance?  Most Insurance companies say that to save money you need to be a safe driver.  If you: 

  • Have had no accidents within a three year period         

  • Don't let your insurance lag

  • Haven't had your license suspended or revoked

  • Have had no major violations such as driving while intoxicated

Additional discounts* include:

  • Automatic seat belts and airbags

  • Multi-car coverage

  • Four-wheel anti-lock brakes      

  • Anti-theft devices

  • Defensive Driving Course

  • Good Students                                                                                         

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Don't overbuy collision and comprehensive coverage
  • Use Bigger deductibles
  • Eliminate duplicate coverage
  • Take advantage of Discounts (up to 10%, which adds up) that insurance companies offer for low mileage, drivers education courses, and geographic location. 

Speaking of a Drivers Education Course, we have one of the Best Around.  We don't bore you to death (and this can be done = big time). Our philosophy is:  you can't learn if you're bored to death or asleep, and believe me, if you have ever taken other defensive driving courses before, you've probably run into one of these instructors.  People don't take a class very often and you don't want to make a mistake that you'll regret.  Not that they're bad instructors, but if everyone was funny, Jerry Seinfeld would be just another comic.


Our Drivers Safety Course is State Approved by the Texas Education Agency, who also approves it for an up to 10% automobile insurance premium discount on:

  • Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Collision

The discounts are valid for a three year period.  Add up the numbers.  You might want to check with your insurance agent to see how much additional money you'll save by having the rest of your family take a class.

Please realize that you DO NOT FORFEIT your right to take a Defensive Driving class for a Traffic Ticket if you take a class for Insurance purposes only.  If you take a class for Insurance only and receive a Traffic Ticket the very next day (hopefully this won't happen), but if you do, you still have the right to take a class for Defensive Driving, if you haven't taken one for the last year.

Overnight Delivery 

of Course Completion Certificate for extra $50.00